Prince William and Kate Middleton’s love story is a dream come true for most fans. Their bond is currently stronger than ever — despite all controversies and rumors currently swirling in the media. As college sweethearts, their relationship has been through numerous highs and lows and definitely has its own fair share of funny anecdotes and stories.

William and Kate fortuitously met in college, when they both attended St. Andrews University in Scotland. They went public after being spotted in a skiing trip in 2004, but the two have been seeing each other discreetly even before that. Although the media had an agreement with the Palace not to bother William while in school, recent documentaries have revealed how the royal couple had been together while still in college.

In the documentary “Prince William At Thirty” posted on YouTube, in 2012, the duke and duchess’ friend Helen McArdle revealed some wild stories about their college days. McArdle, whose room is next to Kate’s in the residence hall of St. Salvator’s, recalls how they would go out and drink in bars in order to relax and destress from school. In one such instance, she retold the Prince coming back from one such “de-stress” night, only to drunkenly fall into a bush — having to be carried by a bodyguard back to their room.

“I remember William coming back — I think after celebrating the end of his exams — and falling into a bush outside Sally’s and having to be retrieved by his bodyguards,” she laughingly remembered.

McArdle also reveals that Prince William was not the only one who had excessively wild nights. Kate had some drunken nights as well, with the duchess even getting so drunk that she could barely walk.

“I can remember Kate having to be carried back to her room by one of the Eton boys, because she couldn’t walk and she was paralytically drunk, as we all were during that week,” she revealed.

In one particular instance at popular drinking spot Ma Bells, McArdle was shocked to witness William “pinching” Kate’s behind, making it obvious to her that they were in a relationship. “I remember seeing the two at the bar and him pinching her bottom, and that was the first time I remember thinking: ‘Well they’re definitely a couple then,’” she said.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Prince William and Kate Middleton went to the same university, where they met. AFP PHOTO/Saeed KHAN