Princess Charlotte is all set for her first day in school next week!

The daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton is about to enter Thomas's Battersea, a private preparatory school near Kensington Palace that Prince George has been attending for two years under the name “George Cambridge”.

“She can’t wait to be with George at big school. She is so excited about it all,” a royal insider told People.

Entering a new school might be intimidating for some kids but not for the outgoing Princess Charlotte.

“Charlotte has got a real character, she is very excited about starting school,” another source told Vanity Fair.

Prince Charlotte has exhibited such character in many occasions, particularly in that one time she stuck her tongue out when Middleton asked her to wave to the crowd watching her parents’ sailboat race at King’s Cup 2019.

The second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is also often seen waving to cameras in a friendly way.

Recently, Prince George’s second-year curriculum and the outline is no easy feat.

Aside from core subjects English, math, science, geography and history, the curriculum also includes art, ballet, drama, French, music, P.E. and I.C.T.

“The curriculum presented in Year 2 reflects the increased ability of the children, both academically and socially,” Head of Lower School Helen Haslem said on the website as quoted by People. “It sees the completion of the basic skills in literacy and numeracy in Key Stage 1. Individual strengths and talents begin to emerge, which you will undoubtedly begin to see.”

The future King will be expected to be more responsible at taking note of his homework list.

“The children are asked to become more responsible in Year 2; this may start with the children recording their own homework in their diaries,” said Haslem.

Thomas’s Battersea is one of the four preparatory schools that comprise the Thomas’s London Day Schools.

“As you would expect of any Thomas’s school, the most important school rule is to 'Be Kind',” Headmaster Simon O’ Malley wrote on the school website.

Prince George takes after his father who was the first future monarch to get his entire education in public.

Prince Charles, on the other hand, was the first monarch in history to get a university degree. He received his degree from Trinity College in 1967.

Queen Elizabeth II was homeschooled by a governess as per tradition.

Princess Charlotte Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Getty Images