Royal fans already know how strongly Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles felt about each other, Camilla being blamed for the failure of her marriage to Prince Charles. As a matter of fact, in a famous interview, it was revealed that the princess called her ex-husband’s mistress a nickname. Unsurprisingly, rival Camilla has one for Diana too.

The late Princess of Wales revealed that she already knew about her then husband’s affair with the now Duchess of Cornwall Camilla. “Well, there were three of us in this marriage so it was a bit crowded,” she told BBC. She also shared her confrontation with the now Duchess of Cornwall where she told the mistress to stop treating her like an idiot.

Another detail that the late princess admitted was bestowing Camilla with mean nicknames. She used to call her a “Rottweiler,” which she felt best described her rival’s physical appearance. Diana referred to Camilla as a dog and likened the nature of the breed to her stronghold over Prince Charles. According to Diana, the nickname was fitting since “…once she has got her teeth into someone she won’t let go,” as highlighted by Simone Simmons in her book titled “Diana: The Last Word.”

Camilla also had a few tricks up her sleeve and called Diana on the nickname game. According to royal author Tom Bower, the now Duchess of Cornwall referred to Diana as a “mad cow.” The nickname was said to be Camilla’s backfire after the Panorama interview with BBC. Some people also claimed that Camilla said that the late princess had little right to complain since she was also “working her way through the lifeguards.”

This angry relationship between the two women in Prince Charles’ life is quite understandable because of the complex situation they were once all in. Prince Charles and Camilla met in 1971 and then quickly began seeing each other after that. Although Charles left for the Navy and Camilla married another man, the two continued their romance and began an affair shortly after her marriage. They, however, halted their affair when Charles met and married Diana. Charles and Camilla rekindled their affair in 1986, which led Diana to file for a divorce in 1992.

Princess Diana Diana, Princess of Wales, waves to the public as she leaves the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in Sydney on November 1, 1996. TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images