Princess Diana and Prince Charles did not necessarily have a happy marriage. And there was something about the future king that the late royal hated the most.

In her biography “The Duchess: The Untold Story,” royal biographer Penny Junor detailed the couple’s unhappy honeymoon, which kicked off with a cruise on the Royal Yacht Britannia. Junor said Princess Diana became visibly upset with her new husband because Prince Charles preferred to bury his head in a book instead of talking to her.

“She hated his wretched books,” Junor said. “The prince envisaged a wonderful holiday in the sun, swimming, reading, painting, and writing thank you letters. He had taken his watercolors and some canvases and a pile of books by Lauren van de Post, which he’d hoped they might share and discuss in the evenings,” she added.

Prince Charles soon found out that Princess Diana was no reader. As a result, the couple’s honeymoon turned into a complete disaster because it only demonstrated how little they have in common.

During their honeymoon, the late Princess of Wales also became frustrated with Prince Charles that she broke his watercolors. Junor said that Princess Diana resented Prince Charles for sitting for years with his easel, so they ended up with several heated rows.

“One day, when he was sitting painting on the veranda deck, he went off to look at something for half an hour,” Junor said. “He came back to find she had destroyed the whole lot. He had no idea what was wrong.”

The second leg of the former couple’s honeymoon took place in Balmoral. After it concluded, Princess Diana told reporters that she had a lovely time with Prince Charles. But Junor said that the mom of two’s statement was actually a lie.

Princess Diana hated the countryside, and she also hated the royal family’s passion for horses and dogs. Princess Diana hated the strong rains that hit Queen Elizabeth II’s home, and she also felt that her husband was avoiding intimate contact while they were there.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their last official trip together - a visit to the Republic of Korea (South Korea). Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images