Princess Diana was reportedly very easy to cook for, according to her former chef, Carolyn Robb. When Prince Harry was young, the late Princess of Wales also wrote a touching handwritten note to the Duke of Sussex.

While speaking with the Sunday Times, Robb, 53, revealed how Princess Diana wanted her two sons to grow up as normal children, that’s why she allowed them to eat mini treacle tarts for breakfast. Robb also recounted a time when an adorable Prince Harry came into the kitchen asking for the sweet treat.

In the handwritten note, Princess Diana wrote, “Mummy says it’s ok!” This could be Princess Diana’s way of allowing her chef to give Prince Harry the treat even when she’s not around.

Prince Harry is also a huge fan of tarts, that’s why there is always at least one kept in the freezer so he could eat it anytime he wants. According to Robb, Princess Diana was also very easy to cook for because she and her family loved simple things like salads, soufflé, mint lamb and stuffed aubergine.

When Prince Harry and Prince William were still in school, they usually brought flapjacks and biscuits from home. Following Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce, Robb continued to work for Prince Charles until she resigned in 2000.

Meanwhile, it has also been reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are channeling Princess Diana’s spirit with their every deed as members of the royal family. Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal expert, told Express that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aim to be a dynamic power duo for the Commonwealth and internationally with Princess Diana as their inspiration.

“They’ve chosen a variety of causes with Harry it’s the wounded veterans and those suffering with mental illness and with Meghan, it’s diversity, female empowerment, and gender equality, and I suspect for her, LGBT rights as well,” he said.

According to the royal expert, Meghan and Prince Harry are following Princess Diana’s footsteps by taking on causes that they feel strongly about. Princess Diana championed HIV/AIDS when she was still alive.

Princess Diana Picture dated 14 November 1992 of Princess Diana leaving the first anti-AIDS bookshop in Paris. Getty Images/Vincent Amalvy/AFP