Gianni Versace’s brutal murder in 1997 shocked the Italian fashion designer’s elite international clientele. Among the fashion powerhouse’s well-heeled friends and clients was Princess Diana, who became pensive after hearing the news and even wondered if the same fate might happen to her.

Versace was at the height of his career and was just 50 years old. However, his life was cut short when Andrew Cunanan shot the designer twice in his head on July 15, 1997, outside Casa Casuarina, his Miami Beach mansion.

At that time, Princess Diana was in the Mediterranean onboard Jonikal, a yacht owned by Dodi Fayed’s father. The following day, after Versace’s death, Lee Sansum, Fayed’s bodyguard, saw Diana at that yacht’s deck while gazing at the sea. “Do you think they’ll do that to me?” she asked the startled Sansum.

Diana was already divorced from Prince Charles by then. As part of the arrangement, the Princess of Wales’ security detail was removed.

Princess Diana reportedly believed that she would one day become “a victim of an Establishment conspiracy,” Express wrote. Diana reportedly told another designer friend, Roberto Devorik, that she feared she “would be killed in a fake accident.”

“They will do it when I am in a small plane, in a car when I am driving, or in a helicopter,” Diana reportedly told Devorik.

It turned out that Princess Diana’s premonition was spot on. Just seven weeks after Versace’s murder, the Princess of Wales and Fayed met their demise in Paris. And just as she feared, she died in a car crash.

However, investigations ruled out murder in Diana’s death. The conclusion was that it was a car accident and the driver of the limo was drunk, which might have been a contributory factor to the crash.

Before Gianni Versace was murdered, he said a few touching words about Princess Diana that show how much Lady Di loved his post-divorce life. “There is a kind of serenity,” the designer told Vanity Fair.

“I had a fitting with her last week for new suits and clothing for spring, and she is so serene. It is a moment in her life, I think, when she’s found herself — the way she wants to live,” he added.

Princess Diana Diana, Princess of Wales. Robert Sullivan/Flickr