Recent reports claim that Princess Letizia and Prince Felipe have taken a tumultuous turn in their relationship. Spain's royal couple who have been married since May 22, 2004 are facing a crisis, Letizia departed the traditional summer destination on the island of Mallorca leaving behind her husband and their two children, Princesses Leonor and Sofia. After leaving Mallorca, Letizia returned to Madrid, where she boarded a flight to Zurich.

Recent reports state that Letizia has become increasingly overwhelmed in regards to her marriage and royal responsibilities. And while her final destination is unknown, the Princess is most likely seeking out a remote area, far away from the pressure of Royal life and Spain, to reflect upon her high-profile marriage and position. Controversy and chaos has surrounded the couple in recent years, with Princess Letizia becoming the subject for bad press and wild rumors.

Their engagement began with a shock, as the people of Spain reacted to their beloved Prince Felipe marrying Letizia, who has no royal blood and is also a divorcee. According to Spanish media, once married Letizia lost the spark she once possessed as a young journalist and became a tense, artificial looking figurehead. The Princess, 41, prefers a low key style of life, away from the prying eyes of the Spanish media. Letizia has felt a surmounting amount of pressure, to relieve this, she has reportedly asked Felipe to give her some private space, away from the cameras.

But the turmoil for the Spanish monarchy does not stop there, while attempting to navigate a high profile marriage, the future Queen of Spain does not rank highly in public opinion. Many believe that the citizens of Spain have largely turned against Letizia due to her rigid demeanor, believing that while she does not have royal blood, she does not know how to interact with citizens either.

Letizia has also fallen victim to a constant barrage of rumors stating that the Princess is addicted to cosmetic surgery. In addition, Letizia's cousin and former attorney, David Rocasolano, wrote a tell-all book entitled "Adiós Princesa" ("Goodbye, Princess"). In over 304 pages of intimate information regarding the private life of the royal, Rocaslano details controversial moments of the Princess's life. The most shocking part of the book is a full chapter devoted to the abortion Princess Letizia allegedly underwent in a Madrid clinic, just one year before she met Felipe. Another private matter discussed openly in the scathing book, is the disclosure that Letizia signed some sort of prenuptial agreement with Felipe before their marriage. The prenuptial agreement is 50 pages and states that if a divorce was to occur, Letizia would get an assignment and both summer and winter residences, but would completely lose custody of her children, Leonor and Sofia.


Princess Letizia Runs Away From Mallorca, Spain And Her Husband Felipe: Marital Trouble For The Heir To The Crown?