Princess Letizia of Spain is facing an alleged crisis in her marriage with the heir to the crown, Felipe de Borbon. Letizia left the traditional summer destination of Mallorca, leaving behind the royal family of her husband, and Princesses Leonor and Sofia. From the island of Mallorca, Letizia returned to Madrid, where she then took a flight to the Swiss city of Zurich.

While her final destination is still unknown, reports speculate that Letizia may be seeking out a remote resort that provides the privacy needed to reflect upon her high-profile marriage and position. According to reports, the Princess has become increasingly overwhelmed due to pressure with her marriage and her royal responsibilities that seem to increasingly overwhelm her.

Letizia has been shirking many of her royal responsibilities, including holidays on Mallorca. This summer she has only spent 5 days on the island, staying on the island is part of her duties as heiress to the crown. Following her public responsibilities, the royal family normally enjoys private holidays with her husband and their daughters, paid for entirely by the Spaniard people.

It is still unclear if Prince Felipe, who returned to Madrid after his wife, will complete his royal duties this summer or simply meet Letizia in a remote location. Currently, the heir to the throne is in Paraguay to mark the inauguration of the new president, Horacio Cartes. The couple has seemed increasingly more distant in recent months.

Felipe and Letizia were married in 2004 after an incredibly short courtship. The Princess, who is 41, was an evening news presenter; she is now described as a woman with "tense air and an increasingly artificial look." Public opinion for the royal Princess has wavered significantly mostly due to her ongoing aesthetic transformations -- rumors have surfaced that she is addicted to cosmetic surgery. Recent Spanish media reports have stated that Letizia's feelings of surmounting pressure have caused her to ask for some private time away from Felipe, the royal family, and the public eye.

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