Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret had a good sibling relationship. The two royal sisters, however, had an alleged unspoken war, and Princess Margaret might have felt bitter still until her death.

Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne changed things a bit for the royal sisters. Queen Elizabeth, as serious and dedicated as she is, fits the throne. Princess Margaret, on the other hand, embraced her position behind her sister.

Princess Margaret’s more sociable nature made her a regular in nightclubs, social events and galas. Her name was always involved in tabloid gossips, which sometimes got Queen Elizabeth in trouble.

But it was nothing compared to the biggest test yet that the sisters had to overcome — when Princess Margaret fell in love with a commoner and a married man, Peter Townsend. The rumor came out during Queen Elizabeth’s coronation as Princess Margaret stole the spotlight and shocked everyone when she picked up a fabric from Townsend’s lapel.

That moment was shocking as Princess Margaret’s affectionate gesture was directed toward a commoner, worst a married man, at a royal formal event. From there, Princess Margaret entangled herself with controversies and drama.

Townsend divorced his wife and immediately proposed to Princess Margaret, who of course accepted. The Queen, as part of royal tradition, had to approve the marriage. Her Majesty found herself in a difficult situation of picking her sister’s happiness over protecting the monarchy’s reputation.

Princess Margaret could not marry Townsend because he was a divorcee and the Church of England opposes remarriages. Princess Margaret had to choose between love and family — whether to give up everything — her royal title, residence, income, etc. — or give up love.

The princess eventually chose her duties to the royal family. The decision, however, may have affected her as she found herself in yet another scandal. She was spotted with another man while being married to Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones.

Queen Elizabeth’s decision to disapprove of Princess Margaret and Townsend’s marriage created an invisible line between the royal sisters. Princess Margaret resented her older sister for depriving her happiness while the Queen has it all — the crown and a family.

Princess Margaret has been labeled the jealous princess, at least subconsciously according to some. She reportedly ditched the Queen and Prince Philip’s tenth wedding anniversary at Buckingham Palace for another party.

Despite the resentment that Princess Margaret felt toward her Queen sister, she still loved her. The Queen felt the same way; that is why the media described the siblings’ relationship as complex and complicated. Love won over hate as Queen Elizabeth publicly mourned and, for the first time, cried when Princess Margaret died in 2002.

Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones Princess Margaret with her husband, born Antony Armstrong-Jones, photographer Lord Snowdon, attend Badminton Horse Trials on April 18, 1970, in Badminton, England. Getty Images/Anwar Hussein/WireImage