Professional wrestling shows normally involve scripts and protagonists. This includes referees who need to carry out their role to make it all look real.

However, it appears a wrestler took it a bit too far to ensure that the stunt would play out as planned.

On Dec. 11 at the “Christmas Star Wars” event held in Irving, Texas, a wrestler named Devon Nicholson ended up getting banned from the World Class Pro Wrestling promotion after reportedly attacking referee-performer Lando Deltoro, the Daily Beast reported.

Deltoro was paid $75 to be hit by an iron spike by Nicholson. Part of the act was for the performer to cut himself with a blade to show bleeding.

Unfortunately, Deltoro did not cut himself enough to show bleeding and this did not sit well with Nicholson. The wrestler, also known as “Hannibal” or “Blood Hunter” ended up being on top of the referee and punched the official with an iron spike, leaving him in a bloody mess.

Footage of the incident was captured on video and can be seen here. The video may be a bit gory or disturbing so discretion is advised.

In the aftermath of that stunt gone wrong, Deltoro spoke on the incident. He explained that it was hard to tell the wrestler to stop considering he had someone weighing about 300 lbs. on him.

“I just wanted to say that’s it’s very hard to talk when there is a 300 lbs man’s knee on your back and then being put in a choke hold while being stabbed repeatedly in the head with an iron spike,” Deltoro said on Twitter.

Deltoro needed staples to close the multiple wounds spread across his head. Worse, he suffered a blood infection as a result of the incident.

After going through multiple hospitals, Deltoro is now back at his own home and recovering.

“I was hired to do a job and it went off-script,” Deltoro quipped. “It went way off-script.”

World Class Pro Wrestling CEO Jerry Bostic issued an official statement on the incident and branded the attack as one of the most horrific things he has ever witnessed.

“What happened last night is never OK in wrestling, ever, or in anything to be exact,” Bostic said. “Someone went into business for themselves, then took it too far, and someone could have lost their life because of it.”

He apologized to fans about the incident and vowed it would never happen again.

Wrestling ring [Representation Image]
Wrestling ring [Representation Image] Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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