New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was booed at by people who gathered at the George Floyd memorial in Brooklyn on Thursday, June 4.

The protestors decided to turn their back on the mayor despite the preaches who introduced the mayor requested them to show “respect.”

“Let us welcome with respect the mayor of New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio and first lady Chirlane McCray,” Rev. Kevin McCall announced during the rally at the George Floyd memorial.

The crowd replied to his announcement with booing as the mayor took the stage, after which McCall had to urge the public again.

“Again, again, again, we said respect! We said respect! Say it with me, respect!” he said.

When McCray took the microphone, the booing subsided. However, as soon as De Blasio took the mic, the crowd booed again, leaving him hardly audible.

From being booed to asking the crowd to turn their back so that they don’t face the mayor, several protestors prevented De Blasio from giving a speech that can be clearly understood by anyone.

Some protestors even called out his name chanting that he must resign, while others chanted “De Blasio, go home” as he walked across the stage.

In the middle of chants and booing, De Blasio finally gave up by giving the mic to George Floyd’s brother, Terence Floyd. He kept his speech, which was barely audible, under five minutes and left the stage. After that, he was nowhere to be seen.

Holding the picture of his brother, Terence said, “I want to thank God. It wasn’t his fault. It was his will. I thank God for you all showing love to my brother.”

However, Terence also criticized the destruction that the protestors have been causing across several U.S. states. He said that even though he is proud of the protest, he is not proud of the destruction.

De Blasio has been severely criticized for his handling of the riots in the city due to George Floyd’s death resulting due to police brutality. He has not only been the center of criticism for the public but also of the lawmakers.

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that De Blasio’s attempt to handle the riots is a “disgrace” and said that even though he has the power to remove him, he will not do so at this time.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has criticized De Blasio for his “refusal to bring in the National Guard.”

On the other hand, the people protesting against George Floyd’s death are holding his responsible for being too polite against the NYPD. Previously, De Blasio had praised the NYPD for its “tremendous restraint” toward protesters.

George Floyd
A graffiti mural honoring george floyd from black lives matter protest. Munshots/Unsplash

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