Psychological Processes of an Immigrant: From Honeymoon to Adaptation

 Processes of an Immigrant
Processes of an Immigrant Saydung89

Migration has always been a part of human existence. People's histories have been shaped by these displacements, driven by various causes such as exile, violence, poverty, unemployment, and the search for new opportunities. Every immigrant goes through a psychological process that deserves consideration, as psychiatrist Marian Rojas puts it, "To understand is to relieve." Given that social and political conflicts continue to impact certain regions, such as Latin America, migration will always be a reality. Therefore, understanding this process becomes highly valuable.

When a migrant arrives in their destination country, they often experience a period similar to a honeymoon. Despite carrying their struggles with them, they arrive and are captivated by the novelty and possibilities the new city offers. Constant comparisons take place, and the new space that welcomes them becomes a special place in their heart—a new home.
However, as time passes, this "infatuation" starts to wane, and reality is seen through different eyes. Nostalgia for their homeland and memories of their family become present.

They also begin to notice the flaws and shortcomings of their new home. Comparisons now reverse, placing greater value on what they left behind and highlighting the disadvantages of the new environment. At this point, some individuals may experience depression, contemplating giving up on their new life and either returning to their country or relocating to a different city.

Finally, there comes a moment psychologists refer to as "adaptation," a stage where the positive and negative aspects of the new life are balanced. One is able to view the present with a certain objectivity, accepting the new environment, and, most importantly, embracing life with hope.

Essentially, the migrant undergoes three key stages. It is always beneficial to express feelings and emotions to others. Additionally, maintaining hope is crucial, as the world is filled with individuals in transit, seeking opportunities, peaceful territories, and greater justice. Above all, it is important to remember that all circumstances in life offer both beautiful and challenging aspects, as that is the essence of life.

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