A pub owner, Glenn Chadwick, was blasted after he told a female bartender to go topless while pulling pints during an event.

Chadwick runs Hardy's Pub in the rural village of Dorchester, England, and he hosted the raunchy event to entice and excite people, reported The Sun. But locals were left stunned by the scantily-clad servers, and branded him "out of touch." Defending his risqué stunt, Chadwick said that it was "no different from hosting a stag do."

On Feb. 26, he hosted his first event that saw one bold female bartender going topless for the evening. After the night's success, the landlord decided to stage another event a week later. For the second event, two topless female bartenders were supposed to serve people. Instead, they ended up wearing "sexy outfits."

Chadwick said that he had spoken to licensing at Dorset Council and they had told him he was "legally allowed to do it." He added that it's no "different to having a stripper come in for a stag do." He noted that he would "tell people who have a problem to not come to these nights out," and that no one is "forcing them to" be a part of the events that were held between 10 p.m and midnight. He shared that the nights were not for men only, and that women were also in attendance. He pointed out that some of the women were "wearing less than the barmaids."

Due to licensing restrictions, he can only hold a topless night once every 28 days, and there must be only 11 such events held a year, he shared. He said that after the abuse and criticism that he has got from "some people about the topless night, I've been put off from holding any more similar events in the future."

Daily Star reported that one person commented online that the nights were "degrading to women." Another said that this is the sort of "Carry On stunt that pubs and clubs did in the 1970s, and I thought we'd moved on from that."

According to Daily Mail, Dorset Council said that they "had a meeting with the area manager and we understand that the matter has now been resolved."

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