Ricky Martin
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Francisco Mariano Javier Ibanez has spent the last seven years sculpting himself to look like Ricky Martin. He has now admitted to undergoing 30 cosmetic procedures and having gone through significant weight loss.

Ibanez, from Benavidez, Argentina repeatedly attempted to look like the Puerto Rican singer, confessed to having developed an addiction to cosmetic surgery. He spent £7,290 ($9,778) to look like his favorite singer.

"When I started to get operations, I knew that things were getting out of hand and that there were things that were not healthy for me," Ibanez said. He started off with the cosmetic procedure after someone told him that he looked like the world record-breaking singer. Now, he is struggling to control his relationship with aesthetic procedures as an effect of pursuing his beautiful dream.

Ibanez opened up about the shame he experienced after being diagnosed as obese at the age of 12. He didn’t leave his room for a year after the diagnosis. According to him, his overeating was a reaction to violence from his dad.

"I ate because I felt that the day my father wanted to kill me with a knife, he was not going to touch me because the fat was going to stop it, and he wasn't going to be able to kill me. I have been gay since I was a kid, and that was his greatest torture. I will never forget the day that he found me, I was combing my sister's hair, and he grabbed an iron and broke it over my head."

In 2018 he appeared on the Argentinian weight-loss reality show titled, "Cuestion de Peso" translated as, "A Matter of Weight" in which he lost over 90 kilograms. He once said that when he joined the show he had hypertension, high glucose and muscle aches. Despite the happiness of losing weight, he expressed how difficult it was to get used to his new body.

Talking about his cosmetic surgery addiction, Ibanez stated, "This started a long time ago, when they told me I had an air of Ricky Martin. I took it as a joke, but I started to make some changes and the likeness increased. I got a photo of him, I realised that I liked him and, like everything in life, when I like something, I go for it."

Ibanez admitted that it took him a while to realize that the ideal thing is to be himself and not anybody else. Currently, he is a qualified ontological coach, specializing in neurosciences.

Ricky Martin
Singer Ricky Martin performs onstage at Staples Center on November 19, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

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