An individual who has a track record of robbing banks pled guilty recently for robbing a bank on Cowan Road in Gulfport in March 2019. She was identified as Iconic Facce, originally known as Jimmy Maurice Lewis II.

According to District Attorney W. Crosby Parker, Facce pleaded guilty to robbing the BancorpSouth at that time. She was supposed to stand trial on June 28, 2021 but her legal counsel opted to enter a guilty plea before that.

After entering the plea, Circuit Judge Randi Peresich Mueller handed Facce a maximum sentence of 15 years for two indicted counts of robbery. Each count will run concurrently, Fox10 News reported.

It was on Mar. 22, 2019 when Gulfport police responded to an alarm about the BancorpSouth along Cowan Road being robbed. Employees told authorities that the suspect entered the lobby of the bank before approaching one of the tellers.

Facce would proceed to hand the teller a note that read: “you have 1 min to give the money do not be wrong or die.” The suspect was not seen with a weapon or showed anything at that time.

Witnesses described the suspect as someone who had swollen face features, suggesting a recent cosmetic surgery. However, security footage showed still images of Facce that were later released to the media.

After calls for public assistance to identify the robber, Ashford Police helped in identifying the suspect. They rounded up photos of records possibly matching that of the captured stills and tellers were immediately able to identify Facce.

Facce was arrested on Mar. 30, 2019, at the Houston International Airport as she was attempting to re-enter the country. She was coming off a flight from Mexico with her face covered in bandages, reportedly due to recent plastic surgery.

Per records, Facce was previously known as Jimmy Maurice Lewis II. He was found guilty of another robbery case that happened on Jan. 20, 2009. The United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama sentenced him to 51 months. After being released from prison, Lewis changed his name to the current one, Iconic Facce.

Iconic Facce
Iconic Facce has a track record of robbing banks pled guilty recently for robbing a bank on Cowan Road in Gulfport in March 2019. Gulfport Police

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