Puppy Doe
Puppy Doe was put to sleep after doctors determined her wounds were too severe to save her life. Facebook/Justice For Puppy Doe

A pit bull puppy known as "Puppy Doe" died as a result of the serious injuries she sustained at the hands of the person or persons who got the dog off Craigslist. "Puppy Doe" more affectionately known as Kiya, was given away on Craigslist twice. The second time Kiya was given away for free via Craigslist she was delivered into the hands of a very sick individual(s). Puppy Doe was tortured, beaten and mutilated. The abuser stabbed the baby dog in the eye, burned her nose and split her tongue in half with a knife.

On Aug. 31, Puppy Doe was found in her abused state in a park in Quincy, Mass. She was rushed to a veterinarian but her injuries were too severe. Doctors made the decision to put Puppy Doe to sleep rather than keep her in a constant state of pain. Animal lovers across the internet have rallied together demanding justice for Puppy Doe and the termination of the "Free Pets" section from Craigslist. Doctor Martha Smith-Blackmore performed the autopsy on Puppy Doe. The veterinarian spoke with WBZ in Boston about the "sick mind" that brutalized the dog.

"They're a freak, a total freak," Dr. Smith-Blackmore said. "Splitting her tongue, burning her nose, stabbing her eye, it's the totality of the types of injuries. Not only was she beaten, she was stabbed [and] she was burned. It's all kinds of injuries. It's a sick mind that can do this to an animal." The Animal League of Boston is offering a $5,000 reward for any information about those who abused Puppy Doe. "We have been deeply moved by the out pouring of support for Puppy Doe," reads a statement on the website. "Your donation today will go directly to on-going law enforcement efforts on behalf of Puppy Doe."

A woman claiming to be the original owner of Puppy Doe and the person responsible for putting her on Craigslist has come forward. Laura Hankins says she purchased the puppy for $200 on Craigslist last December. Hankins is claiming that her landlord would not allow pets in her building forcing her to place the dog back on Craigslist. Hankins told the Herald that she gave the dog to a woman who "seemed wonderful." The puppy's new owner would send photos of the dog to Hankins but abruptly stopped in July.

A Change.org petition has surfaced with almost 20,000 signatures demanding Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster remove the "Free Pets" section from his community forum. A memorial honoring Puppy Doe and other animals like her has been set up near the playground where she was found. If you have any information about Puppy Doe's case you are urged to call the Animal Rescue League (617) 226-5610 or the Quincy Police Department at (617) 745-5774.

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