Germany are World Champions! It was Mario Goetze’s wonder goal in the 113’ minute that saw Germany claim their fourth ever World Cup trophy. Argentina played a magnificent game and had their chances to win, but those chances were not exploited.

For 110 minutes neither team was really the better side. Despite Germany controlling the majority of possession, it was Argentina that had the better chances in the first half. “La Albicileste were very organized in the back stifling the Germans in the attacking third. Bastian Schweinsteiger and Toni Kroos were instrumental once more in the midfield touching the ball more than any other players on the pitch.

They just could not unlock the Argentinean defense for most parts throughout the game. Luckily enough for the Germans, they were just as good in the back, despite not having Sami Khedira; who injured himself in the hours leading up to the match. It didn’t matter though as the Germans were still able to control Lionel Messi. Despite a few shining moments from Argentina’s number 10, the little Barcelona man never seemed to find his groove in the match.

The absence of Angel di Maria for the Argentines was very apparent as they for the most part, looked very unthreatening in the final third. Philipp Lahm once again played a magnificent game in the back as he not only stopped the majority of the Argentinean attacks, but also opened up space down the right flank whenever the Germans moved into the final third.

On this day it was just going to come down to who was going to make the most out of their chances. And despite neither doing so for almost two hours, Mario Goetze scored what surely is one of the most memorable goals of his young career.

It was a final that many had expected. Both teams tactically were very good, neither of them wanting to give up much space in the defensive third. So it was no surprise that there were not many goals, let alone chances on goal.

So now after four long weeks the World Cup in Brazil comes to an end. It has been an incredible tournament that has seen giants fall, unknowns become superstars and one team reach soccer immortality. Germany becomes the first European team to ever win a World Cup in South America. Argentina played a courageous game but in the end the best team in the world got their deserved prize.

It is always sad to say goodbye to a tournament as glorious as the World Cup, but we have been blessed as fans to watch the greatest players on the planet do what they do best. Germany are world champions and will have bragging rights for the next four years. Now all we can do is wait, and wait and wait until we once again get to watch the world’s finest soccer talents play the game we love so much.