A helicopter and six-foot privacy screens could be used in a military-style operation to get Queen Elizabeth to Prince Philip's memorial while ensuring she doesn’t get clicked in a wheelchair.

The frail 95-year-old is determined to attend the memorial service of thanksgiving for her late husband, who passed away last April, and her team is exploring many options to get her to Westminster Abbey. Senior staff will arrange to fly the monarch by helicopter on a 15-minute trip from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace, reported The Sun.

Her aides aren't happy with her walking around 100 yards from the Abbey entrance to get to her seat even though she was seen on her feet at face-to-face engagements last week. A football-style tunnel or six-foot privacy screens could be erected to prevent photographers from capturing her as she leaves her vehicle at the venue.

She previously ruled out the option of using a wheelchair at this stage. She remains determined to continue to walk for as long as she can, but the option of assistance has been explored so she can get around the memorial service venue in comfort and quickly. Whether she can be seated before the audience arrives, is also being explored.

A source said that everything is being looked at to make sure the monarch makes it to the memorial service, but the most important thing is to "make sure she is comfortable." According to the source, the best way is to fly by helicopter from Windsor to Buckingham Palace, then the Queen only has a "short drive to endure." The source said that the monarch has told her staff that she "doesn’t want to use a wheelchair, but they can give her assistance to get through the side entrance and into the Abbey to speed up the process."

The source shared that the monarch can get out of the car in private with her walking stick, but if "she needs the wheelchair, then that must be done behind screens or once she is in the side entrance."

Understandably, the "Queen doesn’t want to be seen in a wheelchair," said Ingrid Seward, who is editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine. She added that as the Head of State and someone who wants to be seen and needs to be seen, "she might concede to a wheelchair," and the best way of doing that is to make sure "there are no photographs taken."

Meanwhile, the Queen will reportedly be spending "much more time" in Scotland after fitting one of her favorite cottages in the Highlands with a 20,000 pounds ($26,264.60) wheelchair lift. According to Daily Mail, the 95-year-old is also beefing up security around Craigowan Lodge in Aberdeenshire, with the installation of a new security gate, an intercom system and a string of new CCTV cameras.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (L) speaks with incoming Defence Service Secretaries Major General Eldon Millar (R) during an in-person audience at the Windsor Castle, in Windsor, on February 16, 2022. Photo by Steve Parsons/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

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