The royal family lives a very different life from everyone else, but they are just like us in many ways. They dine in restaurants, visit museums and, although not often, also personally shop and unexpectedly love a bargain. From luxury brands to thrift shops, here are some of the stores that Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle check out for clothes, shoes and everyday items. 

Rachel Trevor-Morgan

This is located at St. James, Central London. It is where the Queen gets her hats, and it used to make hats for Princess Diana too. The store was granted a Royal Warrant in 2014. 

Fortnum & Mason

This grocery shop is said to be the favorite of the royal family. It was founded in 1707, and this is where the royals go to for various English goods and hard-to-find specialty items. It has grown, and it is now a department store that has almost everything. It also houses the famous Fortnum & Mason’s tea shop, where Queen Elizabeth II usually gets her Earl Grey tea.

Fortnum & Mason Fortnum & Mason brightly lit up for Xmas. Dun.can/Flickr  

Anello & Davide 

Queen Elizabeth shops for shoes at Anello & Davide, a British company that makes ballet shoes and theatrical footwear, but it also accepts bespoke orders. The Queen has been using the same shoe style for many decades. And according to the store’s staff, they only supply one or two pairs a year for Her Majesty. Often she just wants her shoes repaired as she’s very thrifty and wouldn’t want to waste money. 


This store is known to have been frequented by many famous people, including Charlie Chaplin, Oscar Wilde and A.A. Milan, and it is one of the regular shopping spots for the royal family. It is one of the oldest and most luxurious department stores in London, which opened in 1834. It has most of the famous designer brands in the world and features gourmet cuisines, so it is also considered as a one-stop shop for the royals. 

Harrods Photo of Harrods. Brújulo/Flickr

John Lewis

The royal family shops here for household goods and haberdashery. It has a Royal Warrant, but Kate Middleton usually drops by to personally shop for supplies. 

The Stock Exchange

It is unexpected that the Duchess of Cambridge also wears second-hand clothes, and she gets them at The Stock Exchange. In fact, the belted coat dress she wore at the Lucian Freud Portraits Exhibition in London in 2012 was bought here. It is located near her family's home in Berkshire. 

Alfies Antiques Market 

The Duchess of Cambridge really loves bargains. She shops in Antique Market in Marylebone, London, for accessories. One of the clutch bags she used at an event was a second-hand bought from this same shop that is said to be where the show “Downton Abbey” also buys its accessories, as per Hola! 

Alfies Antiques Market 'Alfies Antique Market', like all good antique shops should, pays homage to the past. Its storefront is an Art Deco triumph inspired by ancient Egyptian design. eilidh_wag/Flickr

Finlay & Co. 

Meghan Markle loves sunglasses. The one she was wearing at the recent Wimbledon match was bought from here. The store sells stylish handcrafted glasses made from the finest Mazzucchelli acetate. 

Whole Foods Market

The Duchess of Sussex is said to be a frequent shopper in Whole Foods. She usually purchases vegetables and organic foodstuff here.

Whole Foods Market Whole Foods Market at dusk. Daniel Ramirez/Flickr