Preparations are already underway for Prince William’s role as the future king. While rumor has it that Queen Elizabeth is focused on teaching Kate Middleton the ropes of her future position as the king’s wife, it looks like the Queen has more to teach Kate than just dealing with royal engagements and matters of state.

Queen Elizabeth reportedly wants the Duchess of Cambridge to religiously follow certain royal fashion rules when she becomes queen. These fashion frameworks include what length of skirt and color of tights she must wear when Prince William reigns as the new king.

These rules, according to a source, are only applicable to Kate — not Meghan Markle, whose husband, Prince Harry, won’t likely be king in the future. “Kate Middleton has a whole other set of rules and restrictions because she’s going to be Queen,” the source said.

According to the source, Kate and Meghan are not on the same page and are therefore not bound by the same rules when it comes to fashion. “Kate Middleton has to wear her skirts at a certain length,” the source said. “The Queen is regularly, allegedly, giving notes if she doesn’t like a certain hem or a certain outfit on Kate, or certain color tights,” the source added.

Since the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan in 2018, royal watchers have been urging Kate to up her fashion game to keep up with Meghan’s Hollywood style. Now the Duchess of Cambridge has enlisted former Vogue Magazine editor Virginia Chadwyck-Healey to assist her with her royal wardrobe.

Chadwyck-Healey is an old friend of Kate and Prince William, and she has been helping Kate pick her clothes for her royal engagements. The source described the talented stylist as Kate’s “secret weapon.” “She has made a big difference to the Duchess’s wardrobe for public engagements and has helped give her a whole new sense of confidence,” the source said.

With Kate starting to learn the ropes of queenly fashion, it’s clear that Queen Elizabeth wants her to be ready when her time comes. Last month, the Queen brought Kate with her as she visited King’s College London, marking Kate’s first solo engagement with Queen Elizabeth since she married into the royal family. “Kate’s been taking on new responsibilities little by little over the last few years, so it won’t be a shock when the time comes,” royal expert Rebecca Long explained.

Kate Middleton
Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, leaves after a visit to Kings College, to open Bush House. NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP/Getty Images

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