Queen Elizabeth has been the British monarch for about seven decades now. Considering her old age, many wonder if she will ever choose to abdicate and let Prince Charles take over before she dies. While many believe that the Queen will not give up the throne for as long as she lives, it is interesting to know if she would still make the same choice if Prince Charles had a terminal disease.

Queen Elizabeth has been preparing Prince Charles for kingship since his early years. The Prince of Wales has dedicated his entire life making himself ready for his future role in the monarchy, and the Queen has always been with him every step of the way. Despite that, there are no circumstances under which Queen Elizabeth would pass the crown to her son while she is still alive — not even a terminal disease.

When Queen Elizabeth took her oath, she vowed to be the sovereign for her lifetime, and she has taken this oath seriously since then. According to royal experts, even if Prince Charles had a terminal disease, Queen Elizabeth would still choose to be the Queen. The question of whether or not Queen Elizabeth will abdicate has been asked multiple times with different twists, but the answer to this will always be the same.

Queen Elizabeth may delegate some of her royal duties to Prince Charles, but she will never step down. When she let the Prince of Wales lead the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth has already done this. This is Queen Elizabeth’s way of making a smooth transition when the time comes, but she is still the Queen.

Another royal expert also said that abdication is something that Her Majesty cannot just decide to do. “If she were to decide it was time to abdicate, it isn’t as simple as her calling up the Prime Minister and saying ‘Cheerio!’” said the expert. “Abdication requires legislation. Parliament would have to agree to her removing herself from the throne.”

Since Queen Elizabeth is the Queen not just of the United Kingdom but of 15 other nations as well, she needs the consent of all these nations via legislation if she will abdicate. “This would upend 16 countries and cause tremendous uproar in the republican movements in each of them,” said another royal expert. Considering that, causing much attention and upheaval among the realms just so Prince Charles could be king would likely never enter her mind.

Royal Family Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Prince Harry at Madame Tussauds London, Nov. 1, 2016. Luke Rauscher/Flickr