There are now divided thoughts on whether the United States was right in pulling out troops from the torn country of Afghanistan. Some question if it was a worthy move especially if one recalls the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

With civilians trying to find ways to steer clear of Afghanistan with the Taliban uprising, images and stories of torment have cropped up. But with the intent of ending the war, some feel that the decisions made to allow the Taliban to take control was an issue handled wrong.

From within the Pentagon, the feeling is understandably mixed. Most question now if it was worth it and if it was ended in the right way.

"We see videos and photos, we read stories that bring back memories for some of us, and it becomes intensely personal," General David Berger, the commandant of the Marine Corps, wrote in a memo to Marines.

It somehow calls to mind how troops in Syria were recalled during the time of former US President Donald Trump. This is about the withdrawal of 2,000 troops from Syria who downed the Islamic State (ISIS).

It was a move that drew heavy criticism, some calling it an abandonment of Kurdish allies, leaving Russia and Iran’s influence in Syria. However, the case of Afghanistan is seen as something entirely different.

For now, images of desperation that include babies being passed on to soldiers for safety and a chance in life are disheartening. Innocent lives are being lost and some are asking themselves from within the military if it was all worth it.

But the problem right now is that all these are at the hands of US president Joe Biden. Some former leaders such as ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair question the actions, believing the actual intent has been overridden.

The issue now is the deadlines of airlifting Americans to safety. It is set for Aug. 31 and concern right now is on whether to extend that or not. A decision on that should be known soon.

Disturbing videos that circulated online showed Afghans clinging to planes such as the U.S. military C-17 cargo jets as they attempted to take off, with some falling mid-air from a plane leaving the airport. Wakil Kohsar/Getty Images

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