A woman who was raped last year by a man who walked her home finds herself in a complicated scenario. This is about the fact that she is not entitled to get criminal injuries compensation due to an unspent conviction.

The woman, whose identity has been kept under wraps, was raped by a man identified as Andrew Sheppard of Hull in 2020.

Per reports, the two met at a hostel where Sheppard lived. The woman stopped to speak to a friend and somehow ended up walking home with Sheppard.

At first, the woman considered Sheppard a “cheeky chappy” walking with her. That was until the man transformed into something sinister with the woman blacking out.

When she came to, the woman realized she was being raped by Sheppard. The man immediately left when he saw the woman waking up.

She immediately reported the incident to the police and made a statement. Sheppard was arrested and jailed for three years and nine months. It was branded as one of the most sickening in the criminal calendar by a judge.

The unnamed woman was told by a liaison officer that she would be entitled to criminal injuries compensation. This is a scheme funded by the Government for victims of crime and to recognize that they have suffered as a result of it.

The only problem is that the woman turned out to have a past criminal record. It turns out she was convicted four years ago of actual bodily harm, criminal damage and theft after becoming addicted to drugs.

Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, following a specified period which varies according to the disposal administered or sentence passed, all cautions and convictions are regarded as “spent.”

The woman has led a clean life since that forgetful episode. But with this ruling in place, something that cannot be allegedly appealed, she finds herself in a precarious situation.

She likens the decision to have a heart attack or another physical health need, and not being treated by the NHS or a GP because she has a previous conviction.

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