The National Police announced this Sunday, Nov. 6, that a reward of RD$200,000 will be offered to anyone who provides information that would help in the arrest of seven men, one of whom is suspected in a homicide that took place at the Shell pump in the La Fe expansion and the other six are thought to be part of a deadly gang that preys on nationwide savings and loan cooperatives, said reports.

In the first case, Wander Antonio Tavárez Pea (Gomerito) has already been detained after being recognized as a suspect in the murder that took place last Thursday, Oct. 27, this year, at the Shell pump on San Martin Avenue, at La Fe, in the National District.

The investigation revealed that Nicolás Martnez Rivera (Gaby), for whom a search and arrest order has been issued, is believed to have participated in the detainee's alleged actions.

The National Police asks for the public's help and participation in order to find Martnez Rivera (Gaby) faster while ensuring complete discretion in how the information is handled. It was also specified that the person who offers information leading to the capture will be rewarded with RD$200,000 for each of the fugitives.

“Martinez Rivera (Gaby) needs to be apprehended and brought before the law as soon as possible, so the National Police is asking for the public’s help and participation while also promising complete discretion in how the information is handled.” The institution of order states, “That information that leads to his whereabouts will be rewarded with 200 thousand pesos.

”In a separate instance, the National Police detained one of the seven individuals accused of attacking numerous cooperatives and savings and loan associations spread around the nation.

The National Police requests the assistance and participation of the population in order to more quickly accomplish the goal of apprehending and prosecuting the remaining six accomplices, against whom arrest warrants have been issued, while ensuring complete discretion in the handling of the information obtained.

The detainee for these assaults is Adrián Rosario. While the fugitives are the nicknames: Gaipai, Miguel, El Mello, Alex, Meloso, and Blady.

They are all armed and a threat to society.

Police Arrest
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