Real Madrid made the first advance to stay with Neymar, although the Brazilian superstar is still training at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). The express player who wants to leave France as reported by Sport. The millionaire proposal establishes that Real Madrid will pay 134 million dollars and the Luka Modric pass, winner of the last Golden Ball in exchange for Neymar.

Florentino Perez offered a five-year deal and the same salary he earns at PSG. If the agreement is finalized, Neymar would leave France after two seasons of highs and lows in which, besides injuries he also won five titles. According to Infobae, Real Madrid has decided to recruit Neymar in his team after a bad preseason.

"I would like to have Neymar every time on my team — it doesn't matter if it's at Barcelona or wherever," said Ivan Rakitic, who is entering his sixth season at Barcelona to CBS Sports. "Guys always want to have a player like Neymar on the team, not only because of the quality of the pitch but because he's a quality person. He's a funny guy and really open. If it's possible to have him here, hopefully we say yes. If he leaves Paris, finally, I hope he will join us, but it's a decision that Neymar and the other team has to make. But, if he plans to move, I hope that he joins us."

Putting Neymar alongside winger Eden Hazardand striker Luka Jovic would give Los Blancos the force they need after Cristiano Ronaldo left the team to join Juventus. This could be the opportunity for Neymar to lift the Champions League trophy.