After 53 years, Univision pull the plug on "Sábado Gigante," leaving many fans asking why the show got canceled. Forbes magazine and Time magazine shared a mini documentary with the opinions of former co-host Lily Estefan, cast member “La Cuatro,” Don Francisco and surprisingly it looked like everyone had something to say about their experience in the longest running TV show in history and the real reason why it ended.

“Mario is getting older and older and Don Francisco still needs the same fuel,” Kretuzberger said, “the last years, I couldn’t give him the complete fuel Don Francisco needs." The former host revealed that Millennials are looking for a new type of entertainment and the advertisements were drying up, "we had advertisers lining up for 25 years. But no longer. Television has changed."

Lily also had something to say about how she refused to be part of “La Colita," but despite the criticism, Kretuzberger defended the dance saying, “We are proud of the beauty of our women. Why hide that?” With admiration "La Cuatro" talked about the difference between Don Francisco and Mario Kreutzberger, "Don Francisco would come out to act and it was like he was much taller… it’s like he’s another person." The video revealed many secrets the Hispanic audience was taking for granted, watch the entire mini-doc here: