A couple living in Kansas recently woke up to an eerie sighting— A “zombie” woman who reportedly lurked around in their yard in the middle of the night!

According to Daily Star, the North American homeowners from Winfield, Kansas, were fast asleep until a ‘thud’ shook them up. The noise was followed by some unusual movement on their deck, which was captured on the doorbell camera footage. The footage eventually made it to Reddit, after their son posted the clip that marked his parents’ tryst with paranormal activity.

“My parents told me that someone had let their dogs out, pushed over their grill, and stretched the water hose out to the middle of the street turned on,” the youngster wrote, as he opened up about the incident that took place on Sept. 5.

Despite having felt that something was not right, the couple decided to give it the benefit of doubt and checked the cameras to confirm whatever they’d experienced.

The outlet highlights how the CCTV footage showed a bare-footed woman in a baggy T-shirt and skirt with a really odd body language, lurking around on the wooden deck. The sighting was recorded at around 3:26 am. Things get creepy beyond explanation after she suddenly steps backward and begins to twitch her neck. The mystery woman then scans her setting and extends her arm for a second followed by a stroll across the deck towards the tables and chairs.

The Reddit user enthused how the unearthly sight was first brushed away by his parents, who reasoned that the lady could be one of their neighbors with drug issues. But, the niggling thought at the back of their minds led to the family approaching the cops and filing a report. Turns out, the officers weren’t surprised in the least and seemed to have identified the spectral figure as someone who lived in a nearby town.

While netizens continued to ponder over the spooky incident, the youngster enthused that it did feel really weird, as his family failed to understand why the woman in question was 20 minutes away from her home at a random house in the town over.

To make things worse—the cops reportedly knew exactly who she was!

Comments came flooding in from several users across the globe, with several branding the entire episode as “F***ing creepy”, with some even referencing her movements to Elisa Lam video footage. For the uninitiated, Lam was a Canadian student whose mysterious death during a road trip baffled many. Another user suggested it was about time that the owners cleaned their house and surroundings to ward off negative energies.

In another unnatural instance, a manager at a pub in Cardiff opened up about experiencing a paranormal activity after a chair next to her reportedly moved on its own. Hayley Budd, 33, was spooked when she witnessed the strange incident as she relaxed for a bit after serving drinks on a working day, reported Latin Times.

The video amassed millions of views, yet nobody could lend a logical explanation to the episode. While the CCTV footage captured the chair moving by itself, Budd maintained that it was worrisome, but she wasn't planning to quit or let it affect her mind.

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