Reggaeton singer Ozuna. Photo: Getty Images

Reggaeton singer Ozuna has had a rather stormy week. After beating a member of the security staff of the building where he was performing in the head with a microphone, new information has surfaced in which he's involved in a murder.

During his concert at United Palace in New York City on Saturday, July 29, Ozuna lashed out at the security guard who was standing in front of the stage and supposedly didn’t want to move. "Do you have problems?," Ozuna asked him in a video that surfaced online, immediately saying, "get down, you cannot be here, you did the same yesterday." Then he hit the man on the head with his microphone, and walked to the middle of the stage saying, "Do not disrespect me."

The immediate reaction of the guard was to attack the Boricua back, but it was prevented by the singer's entourage. One of them, dressed in a white shirt and jeans, jumped from the stage and faced the guard that Ozuna had previously attacked.

After the incident, he posted on his Instagram account a message to his fans: "An artist does something good and nobody says anything, but an incident happens and everyone starts judging you." The singer also said he will take a break from the social network.

On Monday, Jul 31, Ozuna posted a statement on Facebook that read:

"I have meditated and reflected a lot on the incident that happened on Saturday night at my second concert at the United Palace in New York City.

For me it has not been easy to get where I am, thanks to God and to my fans I have made progress. This work carries many sacrifices that I wouldn't change for anything in the world. I am a young entrepreneur who is just growing, at the same time as my career, but I also am a human, and as a human I make mistakes. I'm very sorry this incident happened. I apologize to the person in the incident, to all my fans present at the concert. My work team is making adjustments to the security protocols to avoid this type of situation in the future. Again, my sincere apologies.


Jan Carlos Ozuna Rosado."

After the events, the singer traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Ozuna was hanging out with Carlos Báez Rosa, alias "Tonka," the same man in the white T-shirt who had also attacked the security guard at the concert, when suddenly a shooting broke out.

The artist immediately fled from the crime scene that left "Tonka" dead and police began a search for the artist to interrogate him about the incident. According to Univision, authorities reported that "Tonka," 38, was shot several times around 12:30 p.m. in a parking lot located in the area of the Lineal Walk in the Cantera sector in Barrio Obrero.

At the scene was Ozuna's vehicle, a white 2016 Range Rover with the lights still on. Inside, police found a passport belonging to Ozuna, and more than US $6,500 in cash.

Antonio Sagardía, the "Si Tu Marido No Te Quiere" singer's lawyer, informed the morning show "Despierta America," that Ozuna's reaction of fleeing the scene was normal, and had been the reaction of anyone who is facing a dangerous situation.

"When they heard shots, everyone ran to protect themselves. He was about to leave because he had the car on. When he returned to the place, the car had been seized already," said the lawyer.

"He is not suspicious of anything," Sagardía added. The singer is "worried" about what happened, acknowledged the lawyer, although he doesn't fear for his life. "He has no enemies," he went on.

According to reports, the deceased is a drug dealer who was being sought in Puerto Rico. Ozuna finally faced up to justice to give his testimony and sent a message to his fans via Twitter, that was later deleted.

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