According to a statement made by the American embassy in the Dominican Republic on Nov. 30, ties between the two nations are now "stronger than ever," Diario Libre reported.

Alexander Titolo, counselor minister of the US embassy, welcomed and discussed the significance of the mission that the hospital ship of the Navy USNS Comfort performs in Dominican territory, stating that these ties were among the reasons to accept the challenge to come and provide humanitarian relief.

In this sense, he explained that they decided to do it because, "first I am very proud to say that there is no organization in the world better in logistics than the Armed Forces of the United States, and the second reason is that our relationship with the Republic The Dominican Republic is stronger than ever under the leadership of President Abinader, so we knew that this is a challenge that we could face working hand in hand with our Dominican partners," Titolo said.

It implies that the biggest challenge to the hospital's objective was having to operate in Azua as there is no port there and work must be done a long way from the ship.

General Laura Richardson, the commander of the United States Southern Command, praised President Luis Abinader for the Dominican Republic's support of the USNS Comfort's Continuing Promise Mission in the country.

Daniel Rivera, the minister of health, said that these health days are critical for the detection and diagnosis of ailments, particularly in the ophthalmological department.

"Azua has 36% diabetes and they will see a lot of ocular and peripheral vascular pathology, a product of the number of diabetics in that area," said Rivera.

Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa, the Dominican Republic's minister of defense, also expressed gratitude for the visit to Comfort and emphasized that it is a reflection of the positive ties between his government and the US.

“The stay of this mission headed by General Richardson, commander of the Southern Command and of that formidable floating hospital is a ratification in time and space of the close and solid ties of friendship between the Dominican Republic and the United States, committed to always with regional defense and security,” said Díaz Morfa.

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