Al Schmidt, Philadelphia's lone Republican city commissioner, is aghast at Donald Trump’s accusations of voter fraud.

“From the insight looking out, it feels all very deranged,” said Schmidt to a media outlet, while discussing the death threats his team has been subjected to, as Trump continues to launch attacks on their integrity. “At the end of the day, we are counting eligible votes, cast by voters. The controversy surrounding it is something I don't understand,” he added.

Schmidt’s statements came through on Sunday after Trump reiterated his stance about the elections being stolen from him. It is alleged that Trump and his allies are mobilizing its troops and are reportedly “readying for war”.

On the other hand, George W. Bush also issued a message to Trump asserting that the election's outcome was 'clear'. Chris Christie followed in on Bush’s footsteps and challenged Trump to show evidence or “move on.”

Several analysts felt that the accusations hurled at by Trump were indeed “Crazy”. 'It's people making accusations that we wouldn't count those votes or people are adding fraudulent votes, or - just, coming up with all sorts of crazy stuff,' he said. 

Donald Trump who was enraged by how the entire incident panned out, asked his son Eric and lawyer Rudy Giuliani to visit Philadelphia in order to press the president's claim of fraud. “This is an absolute fraud,” said Eric Trump. “We've seen it in Philadelphia before,” he added.

It is further reported that Trump wasn’t too happy about people opting to vote by mail, and urged his supporters to vote in person instead. Add to it, his anger knew no bounds when the stats from the mail-in ballots began to tip in Biden’s favor.

Ben Ginsberg, a Republican lawyer who was part of the legal team in Florida in 2000, inferred that things are far from favorable for Trump. “On the one hand, it's lawyers reacting to a client who is disjointed and unhinged and not terribly accepting of defeat,” said Ginsberg. 

“And on the other extreme, this could be an instance of trying to slow down counts in individual states in the hopes that those states don't complete their job of certifying election results in time for the electoral college to meet. And then he would go back to something else he's talked about which is telling legislators to go and vote Trump slates even in states that were won by Biden,” he added.

President Donald Trump Golf President Donald Trump waves whilst playing a round of golf at Trump Turnberry Luxury Collection Resort during the U.S. President's first official visit to the United Kingdom on July 15, 2018 in Turnberry, Scotland. The President of the United States and First Lady, Melania Trump on their first official visit to the UK after yesterday's meetings with the Prime Minister and the Queen is in Scotland for private weekend stay at his Turnberry. Leon Neal/Getty Images