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A high-ranking Colombo crime family leader has just been freed Friday. Mob consigliere Ralph DiMatteo, was able to walk out of prison on a $5 million bond despite objections of federal prosecutors. The 66-year-old crime boss had just spent five months in the Brooklyn jail after turning himself in with the FBI in New York City in September.

According to the New York Daily News, DiMatteo was charged together with 13 other mob bosses on crimes related to the mafia business of racketeering as well extortion for their attempted takeover of a local labor union. He stands accused of devising money laundering schemes from union healthcare contracts and payments through collusions with other mobsters. DiMatteo surrendered himself to authorities after his son had posted a photo of him enjoying a sunny day at a Florida pool after which he had also pleaded not guilty to all his charges.

Although it may seem like DiMatteo’s release was just an easy walk in the park, his freedom is limited by electronic monitoring and subjected to boundaries within his home, visits to his attorney’s office, medical treatment, attending religious services, and court appearances. His lawyer Gerald McMahon argued that his client’s release was important for the preparations involved in their case. His bond was co-signed by his wife, daughter, and his niece.

Court documents state that DiMatteo had continuously orchestrated his mafia business even while locked up in the federal prison. Authorities asserted he had been making calls from inside the prison to members of his Colombo-based mafia members. Prosecutors alleged that DiMatteo’s phone calls were captured as he advised his associates to avoid the phones in certain places they used to conduct meetings as the feds were well aware of these locations.

“Since his arrest. DiMatteo has continued to associate with and communicate with members of organized crime, seek their financial assistance, and remain involved in the affairs of the Colombo family,” prosecutors stated.

The eight-page court filing document included government evidence such as wiretaps, text messages, surveillance photos, consensual recordings as well as witness testimonies.

His release had prosecutors objecting to the court’s decision as they argued that DiMatteo was still actively participating in mob crimes. However, Brooklyn Federal Court Magistrate James Cho said, the senior citizen mob boss did not pose any flight risk and that his home detention orders and phone monitoring were enough to “alleviate” any potential risk.

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