A costume and a mask representing Mexican drug trafficker Joaquin Guzman Loera, aka 'El Chapo'
Notorious Drug Lord El Chapo Sentenced To Life In Prison Photo by Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP via Getty Images

Billionaire Sinaloa Cartel head honcho El Chapo reportedly put out a hit squad on prison soldiers who charged him $500,000 to provide Long Johns for his son. The drug kingpin sought out the thermal underwear in the winter of 2007-2008 for his son Ivan Guzman Salazar, who was incarcerated for money laundering at the maximum-security prison of La Palma in Mexico.

According to the New York Post, El Chapo’s son was suffering from the cold winter while serving his three-year sentence in the same prison where his own father had been incarcerated during the early 1990s. Salazar relied on a “corruption pipeline” within the prison walls to get the word out to his father to send him some Long Johns.

El Chapo heeded to his son’s needs and asked one of his fellow drug traffickers, Edgar “Barbie” Valdez Villareal, to put him to someone he could bribe to send out thermal underwear for Salazar. And with just one phone call, two prison guards presented themselves to do the job and initially charged $100,000 to facilitate the favor. However, out of greed, both soldiers decided to pinch El Chapo for five times the original amount they offered Barbie while offering him a cut on the deal. But wise enough to know who he is dealing with on the other end, Barbie declined the deal.

In a new book “Emma and the Other Narco Women,” written by Mexican journalist Anabel Hernandez, the author narrates how El Chapo had paid the full $500,000 for the Long Johns along with a couple of T-shirts to be sent to his son. But that did not stop there. El Chapo sniffed out the pipeline and learned from Barbie about the deal. The Sinaloa kingpin ordered a hit on the two prison soldiers. Both men were tortured and killed with their bodies chopped in quarters and left on the outskirts of Mexico City’s international airport.

After Salazar was released, another son of El Chapo, Edgar Guzman Lopez was gunned down. The hit supposedly was ordered by his own father but was later proved to be a case of mistaken identity by the crime boss’ hit squad.

Ironically, El Chapo took this incident more lightly and let off the hitmen without any form of retribution.

“The offense of having been charged $500,000 for the long underwear was a lot more serious than the assassination of his son," Hernandez wrote.

Hernandez takes an in-depth look into the narco life in her new book under Grijalbo Publishing. The pages also reveal how El Chapo had ruled the penal colony, privileged to order meals, drugs, and women on demand. It also details how El Chapo competed with fellow imprisoned drug trafficker Hector Luis Palma Salazar, betting on who would accumulate the greatest number of sexual partners and who could last the longest during sex. The tell-all book is expected to hit the shelves by Jan. 25.

File picture of Mexican drug trafficker Joaquin Guzman Loera aka 'El Chapo Guzman'
Mexican drug trafficker Joaquin Guzman Loera aka "el Chapo Guzman" (C), is escorted by marines as he is presented to the press on February 22, 2014 in Mexico City. Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman has escaped from a maximum-security prison for the second time in 14 years, sparking a massive manhunt Sunday and dealing an embarrassing blow to the government. Photo by Alfredo Estrella/AFP via Getty Images

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