An adorable little kitten by the name of Wasabi-chan has stolen the hearts of many and has become an Internet sensation. The viral photo originally shared on Imgur shows a tiny kitten sitting upright on a chair. The baby cat is wearing a brown and cream- colored crocheted mushroom costume complete with armholes for the kitten's paws.

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The mushroom costume is more than just a cute costume for Wasabi-chan, it's also a healing tool. The little kitten reportedly survived a crow attack where she suffered a fractured upper jaw and split tongue. Wasabi-chan required a catheter for feedings but like any kitten would, she kept wiggling the tube out of her mouth so the mushroom suit was made to hold her down while feeding.

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Histak then linked to a more recent image of Wasabi-chan to Twitter, adding, "She's gaining a lot of weight and looking adorable!" Take a look at the picture below.

Wasabi-chan's recovery was documented on Twitter by her human companion, which garnered him 50,000 more followers who cheered on Wasabi-chan's treatment. A photo of Wasabi-chan wearing her pink tube was retweeted more than 27,000 times.

 Instagram/@SHIMEJIWASABI (Wasabi-chan in her pink costume.)
Credit: Instagram/@SHIMEJIWASABI (Wasabi-chan in her pink costume.)

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Recent photos and videos have been posted to the kittens Instagram page and she is doing a lot better. Take a look at the adorable kitten below.

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