Ishai Golan of FOXLife‏ Restaurantes Extraordinario
Restaurantes Extraordinarios is a series on FoxLife for all the food lovers. FOXLife

Restaurantes Extraordinarios, where actor Ishai Golan guide us through the most exquisite sights and leads us to experience the vibrant pace of the most amazing cities in the world through food that defined in the new series Restaurantes Extraordinarios which airs every every Tuesday at 9pm ET / PT on FOXLife. This series is ideal for "foodies," invites you to discover the best culinary scenes through Golan who, at the end of each episode,delivers its overall ranking of the gastronomic landscape of the city. Restaurantes Extraordinarios,introduces us to the most respected chefs, culinary treasures and innovative restaurants, to discover the best places to dine.

Actor Ishai Golan shared with Latin Times that this is his first time hosting a TV show. He will be traveling to different locations and sampling some of the most esquisite dishes. Ishai is an actor and recognized for his roles in “The Slut” (2011), “Le tango des Rashevski” (2003) and “La sal de este mar” (2008) and was protagonist in “Prisioners of War”. This reality series Restaurantes Extraordinarios will capture all of Ishai's travels and adventures as he introduces the viewers to some of the top chefs. If you are a food lover then you will definitely enjoy this reality series and not only learn about different dishes but also different countries.

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