A retired assistant police sub-inspector was arrested after killing one of his sons Monday evening in what police believe could have been the result of a fall out over family financial disputes. Bhagwan Patil, 71, opened fire -- four rounds on his two sons while in their home at sector 2 in Airoli, Mumbai.

According to India Today, police officials said Patil had called over both of his sons Vijay, 34, and Sujay, 32, to his home on Monday evening when a quarrel between father and sons ensued over an insurance bill of a serviced vehicle. The argument had then escalated to the point where Patil had picked up his pistol and shot at both his sons.

The siblings were rushed to a local hospital where Vijay suffered critical gunshot wounds as he was hit with three bullets with one bullet piercing his stomach. He did not survive the gunshots and died on the operating table. Sujay sustained minor injuries from a lone bullet that had grazed past his waist and was discharged from the hospital.

A police officer from the Rabale police station said: “Vijay was hit in the stomach and shoulder. Sujay sustained minor injury as a bullet brushed past his waist. Vijay was rushed to Indravati Hospital where died during treatment.”

The father was arrested and charged with murder and police confiscated Patil’s .32 revolver soon after the incident. 

ACP (Vashi Division) Vinayak Vats said Sujay is in shock and is not in a position to give a statement.

Yogesh Gawde, senior inspector of Rabale police station, revealed: “Patil had a troubled relationship with Vijay and Sujay for a long time. He would assault his wife and that led to frequent fights among them. On Monday, Vijay received a call from an insurance company, which was related to Patil’s car. He then called Patil to discuss it, but they got into a heated argument.”

Patil has three sons and lives with his wife at sector 2 in Airoli and their elder son who is physically challenged. His second son, Vijay, 34, stayed in Vasai and the youngest son Sujay, 32, stayed in a separate house nearby.

As of this time, a case has already been lodged and an investigation is underway. Police are now taking statements from other family members in pursuit of evidence to solidify the case. 

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