The Undertaker has officially retired from wrestling action after years of hard work entertaining wrestling fans. With the WWE now behind him, the 56-year-old is busy living life as a normal person.

But it remains that the wear-and-tear he endured in the wrestling ring has piled up. And given his age, it is only natural to hear that some body parts need to be addressed.

And it appears that his hips and knees are part of that. The Dead Man reveals that he plans to undergo surgery to have his hips and knees replaced. There was no definite time on when this may happen although he said on “The Norm & D Invasion” radio show that it will likely be after hunting season.

“Both my hips are partial hip replacements already. I need… I need a right knee, so I have surgeries lined up. I just… I gotta wait until hunting season is over for [them],” the WWE Hall of Famer said.

Ever since the WWE rose to fame, it was always preached that the injuries are real. There are a lot of WWE legends who were forced to retire as a result of it, namely Stonecold Steve Austin and, for a while, Edge.

Some have managed to return miraculously but on either short-time gigs or cameo appearances. The Undertaker is undoubtedly someone who can bring WWE crowds to their feet with a single appearance. But based on how he is enjoying life, seeing him back for wrestling action seems a bit farfetched.

“It’s just, you know, it’s the game. I was very blessed to have a very long career where I was active for so many years, but the body can only take so much and deliver so much, and for me that time. I realized at the last WrestleMania that I had, that I did [WrestleMania 36] that my time had come,” the former WWE champion said.

Although he admits he misses wrestling, seeing him back, for now, is not a certainty.

WWE legend The Undertaker
WWE legend The Undertaker Getty Images| Tim Warner

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