Guatemalan singer-songwriter, Ricardo Arjona, who is immersed in his successful Circo Soledad tour in the United States, premiered the video of his new single "Porque Puedo," recorded in Los Angeles, California.

"Porque Puedo" portrays the reality of the world in which we live today; a world in which we are increasingly invaded by the mirage of social networks, in which we all have on one hand the tangible reality of our lives and on the other the reality that we want to project to the outside world, a reality created by what we assume may be pleasant or even admirable on the part of our everyday spectators. 

A simple young woman who wants to project herself as a great model, a misogynist without a penny who wants to pretend to be a tycoon to attract women and a man who seems to be the most macho of all, but who in the end is the mother's spoiled son, are just some of the characters in this story, of which Ricardo Arjona is only a witness who, while passing through this place for a very short time, manages to see through all the masks of the characters, admiring this strange but eloquent portrait of our current reality.

"Porque Puedo" creates an atmosphere and characters absolutely contrasting with the modernity of the networks. This tiny village in the middle of nowhere, with a motel that no one visits and a tavern that can barely stand, show how even in the most remote place, today, social networks have a primordial place in our lives.

Enjoy the video below:

The songwriter is nominated for the Latin Grammy 2017 with his song "Ella" which was the first single from his new production Circo Soledad. The next stops for Arjona are:

October 6 -Reading PA - Santander Arena

October 8 - Allstate Arena in Chicago

October 12- Washington

October 15- Orlando, Florida

March 11, 2018- San Jose, California