Ricardo Arjona Sent Letter To President Of Dominican Republic; Asked For Help In Embargo Conflict

Ricardo Arjona
Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona sent a letter to Dominican Republic President Danilo Medina exposing his situation and asking for his help to free the equipment seized. Getty Images

After authorities seized Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona's sound equipment in the Dominican Republic, by a complaint filed by Saymon Diaz, due to an unpaid debt, the singer went to the president of the Caribbean country, Danilo Medina, to intervene in the case.

The letter sent to the president on Monday, February 12, exposes the situation and asks for his help to free the equipment, as he want to continue his tour in the United States. Díaz and Felix Cabrera accused Arjona with the National District Attorney's Office of abuse of trust and for a debt of more than $700 thousand for presentations that the he didn’t make in 2015.

Attorney Julio Cury, legal representative of Felix Cabrera who is also suing Arjona, published the letter on his Instagram and Twitter account with the following message. "With this letter disrespectfully addressed to President Danilo Medina, Mr. Arjona asks him to violate the constitutional principle of separation of state powers in order to avoid paying his debts.”

“After the concert and without any legal argument, Mr. Saymon Díaz, a businessman in the entertainment industry in this country, decided to kidnap our equipment with an armed contingent, preventing us from transporting our equipment to the next commitment that is Puerto Rico,” wrote Arjona. “It's good to mention that Mr. Díaz had nothing to do with the production of this event and alleges it was because of events more than 8 years ago that went to courts three times and all three in our favor.

I do not doubt for a single moment that the lack of legal arguments and the arrogance of this man are far from the goodwill of the people of this country,” he added. “The only thing we intend is to let us continue with our work, since the concert in Puerto Rico, for the benefit of the victims of hurricane Maria, will be suspended if the equipment is not released today.”

Despite the mishap, Arjona presented his show on February 14 in the Coliseum of Puerto Rico in the continuation of his tour "Circo Soledad." "The singer-songwriter offered an extensive concert in the midst of circus acts and thanks to the efforts of a group of Puerto Ricans who could prepare the show at the last minute, threatened by a lawsuit in the Dominican Republic," published the newspaper Primera Hora from Puerto Rico.

"How long has it been since we've seen each other, two years? I blame myself, so let's sing today everything we haven’t sung since the last time we met..." Arjona began during his concert in Puerto Rico.  "After the things that have happened, it's all chaos, so we're not going to recount the complaints, but a recount of the future that we are going to live, that surely will be better than it was. The truth is that being here is an irrefutable proof that those of us who are here are really alive."

According to the newspaper, he performed over 25 songs including his hits "Señora," "Porque puedo," "Desnuda" and "Hasta que la muerte nos separare," "El problema," and more. 

In 2017 the “Circo Soledad” concert series became one of the most successful tours in the United States, being the only Latin American artist to become part of one of the "Hot Tours" lists of Billboard. On February 14, Arjona began his tour in the U.S., starting in Puerto Rico for Valentine's Day, and then continue through New York, Boston, Miami, North Carolina, Duluth Georgia, Los Angeles, Ontario, San Jose, Fresno and Sacramento, and later go to Europe.

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