After dropping the norteño banda version of his 2015 single "No Te Vayas" with Julion Alvarez, Ricardo Montaner has been inspired to release a duets album with only Mexican Regional acts. 

The Argentine-born Venezuelan singer has been preparing a new studio album called "De Mexico a Montaner y De Montaner a Mexico," which will included some of the big dogs in the genre such as Pepe Aguilar, Espinoza Paz, Conjunto Primavera, Gerardo Ortiz and Calibre 50. The production that follows his 2015 album "Agradecido" will feature some of his greatest hits in his 40-year trajectory.

"I feel very honored. It's a new way to show my songs in another genre, because the album is a tribute from the most important Regional Mexican bands and singers, who will be  singing my own songs," Montaner said to Billboard.

In addition to his forthcoming production, set for release in June, the 58-year-old Latin Grammy nominee will embark his "Agradecido Tour" expected to kick off April 7 in Orlando's House of Blues.