Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna
Photo of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. Getty Images

The last few weeks have been pretty rocky in the life of Rob Kardashian as he has gone out on an all-out social media roller coaster with issues between him and Blac Chyna. As the reaity star has finally patched things up with him and his lady love, news has just broke that he is currently being hospitalized.

According to E! News, Rob Kardashian was admitted to a hospital Wednesday night after experiencing diabetes complications. Blac Chyna and his mother Kris Jenner are currently in the ER to be by his side as he tries to get his health under control.

The site reports that Jenner and boyfriend Corey Gamble arrived together at the medical center, which is located near her, Rob and Blac Chyna's homes. Blac Chyna appeared later and without her and Rob's 7-week-old baby daughter Dream Kardashian.

The news comes as a shock as we all were under the impression that the reality star was completely free of diabetes, according to his nutrionist. After being diagnosed last year the news was rewarding for the star to hear as he is trying to lose weight and get back into a healthy space.

Many people are speculating that the complications may have something to do with the recent drama that has unfolded with the couple. He took to Instagram posting their drama accusing Chyna of cheating on him and saying that she has taken baby Dream and left him.

While the two have reconciled, it is known that when Kardashian struggles with personal battles he often uses food and other things as a coping mechanism.

Since their fight, both Kardashian and Chyna have been out of the public eye but reports reveal that he went to the Jenner home Christmas day to open presents.

At this time it is unclear what exactly catapulted his diabetes complications but there will be more with this story.

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