Roger Federer is about to set another record this year. Based on estimates, the Swiss sportsman is on track to becoming the first billionaire tennis player in 2020.

Federer’s fortune will be raking in cash this year from a combination of sources. The tennis legend will earn money from the various endorsement deals with a number of global brands aside from the prize money he will be earning this year, Daily Mail reported.

Upon reaching the billion-dollar mark, Roger Federer will be joining a very exclusive list of billionaire sportsmen. At the moment, there are only three billionaire athletes in the world -Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Floyd Mayweather – and Federer might become the fourth member of the exclusive club if projections are accurate.

Federer experienced a massive surge in earnings in 2019 where the tennis star raked in his career-high earnings of $93.4 million last year, according to The athlete earned $77.2 million in 2018.

But the tennis star’s earning trajectory is expected to get even better in 2020. According to the publication, Federer will likely top $100 million in earnings this year. “The 20-time Grand Slam champion appears likely to break the $100 million mark in annual earnings for the first time, and is on course to earn a billion dollars through sponsorship and prize money,” reported.

Aside from prize money, Federer is making it big in endorsement deals with well-known brands. For instance, he signed a sponsorship agreement with the Japanese brand Uniqlo that brings him a massive $10 million pay annually.

The star also has various sponsorship deals with Nike and Rolex, according to Business Insider. Federer also in the Switzerland-based company On, which is set to come up with its own shoe line.

“Federer's career on-and-off-court earnings [are] approaching $900 million, with more than $200 million more committed by sponsors,” wrote. Such cash flow could only mean that Federer is set to join the billionaire’s club soon.

Only three other sportsmen were able to accumulate such a massive amount of wealth. The first one to reach the billion-dollar threshold was Tiger Woods back in 2009. Michael Jordan followed in 2015. The most recent billionaire-athlete is boxer Floyd Mayweather in 2017.