Romeo Santos fanatics loved "The King Of Bachata" series of pop-up concerts, and they cannot wait to see their idol perform anywhere close to their city, as soon as possible.

Following two amazing pop-up shows in New York and Los Angeles, Romeo will close out this concert series tonight in Miami, and Latin Times is offering you the chance to see the concert online.

Romeo announced these surprise concerts just a week ago, causing commotion among his fans who went crazy looking for information about the performances. If you haven't watched any of these concerts, tonight you can enjoy a special Live Stream from Miami, available for fans globally below just tonight February 22 at 8 PM ET.

Romeo Santos recently launched the single "Héroe Favorito," from his upcoming album "Golden." Last week, he gave us a lot of hints about this new track and video and shared an image in which he appeared in front of the costume of a superhero. Later he introduced us to the new cover art for the song in which he teamed up with Marvel to create his own design of a superhero version of himself. "I always had this fascination with superheroes," Santos told Billboard.

The singer shared some photos of his last presentations while sharing face to face with his fans for the first time in years. 

The Dominican Superstar hasn’t released any new material since his album "Fórmula, Vol. 2" and we can’t wait for "Golden" to come out. In the meantime, you can actually listen to some of the artist's new songs on tonight's concert, exclusively at

Enjoy the show tonight and tell us how was the 'Romeo Experience' from Miami.