One major character will leave the show when “The Rookie” Season 2 premieres next month. Afton Williamson, who will be reprising her role as Talia Bishop, has already made it clear that she will be exiting the series.

Williamson previously wrote on Instagram that she will not be returning to the popular crime drama series. She alleged that she was subjected to racially charged comments by the hair department, sexual harassed by a guest star, and there was “bullying” from the executive producers, which forced her to take the decision.

The showrunner was reportedly told about all these issues that Williamson faced. However, the human resources department was not involved and despite assurances they started filming Season 2 without starting the investigation. This led to the actor quitting the series.

With Willamson exiting the show, how will the producers handle Talia Bishop’s exit? The character will not be killed, and the her exit leaves the door open for her return in the future, if the actress chooses it.

The producers will be using an event from the first season to write Talia off in “The Rookie” Season 2. The character had omitted mentioning that she had a foster brother who was a felon in the personal history questionnaire, which will come into play again this year.

In a previous interview with TV Line, executive producer Alexi Hawley explained that Talia was “never going to get a fair shake at the LAPD.” So, the reason for her exit is going to be that she will be transferred to a federal agency, where she will have the opportunity to “start with a clean slate and hopefully rocket to the top of the ladder.” The character’s exit gave the producers an opportunity to “throw other obstacles” at the lead Nolan (Nathan Fillion).

“The Rookie” Season 2 premieres on Sept. 29 at 10/9c on ABC.

The Rookie Major character to exit in "The Rookie" Season 2. The Rookie/Facebook