Jenni Rivera
Mexican singer Jenni Rivera receives her award for top album by a woman performer at the 2009 Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami, April 23, 2009. Jenny Rivera's sister Rosie wears one of her dresses in Chiquis' video "Paloma Blanca." Reuters

Jenni Rivera’s daughter Chiquis has debuted in the music industry with a song dedicated to her late mother who died in a plane crash in 2012 and that tragedy shocked the Latino community. The song “Paloma Blanca” will include a video in which Jenny’s sister Rosie will have a special role. Rosie will be wearing one of her original dresses. This song is an inspiration from her mother’s song “Paloma Negra” which she had dedicated to Chiquis in her last concert.

There was tension between Chiquis and Rosie but that all seems to be resolved when Rosie asks for forgiveness. Jenni’s relationship with her daughter was not the best, but she would do anything for her because she always had the best intentions. She even helped her become a celebrity. She stated "Say what you want to proudest accomplishment has been to get my kids ahead in life all on my own. Chiquis is the first...ahead, my daughter!" This song “Paloma Blanca” describes the damaged relationship between Jenni and her daughter, and the pain Jenni’s death caused and how she is coping on living life without her mother.

Lupillo Rivera, brother of the deceased singer, disagrees that one of her original dresses be used for this video due to the fact that it could be disrespectful to her memory and he thinks that she should have one made for her specifically for this video. "I wouldn't have used it. I would have had one made, just like it, but I wouldn't have used one of my sister's dresses," said Lupillo

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