In spite of the frosty reception that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan received during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, experts on Monday theorize that any leak of private royal information from the couple may result in them getting cut off permanently.

Harry and Meghan, who ran into a “brick wall” with the British Royal Family when they attempted to mend fences with them this week, are believed to be closely watched by the Firm to see if the couple would use the information they have for their media deals with Spotify and Netflix, according to Marie Claire.

“But everything now depends on their behavior moving forward,” royal expert Duncan Larcombe said. “Clearly an olive branch has been extended by the royal family here. But Harry and Meghan would ruin that if any private information about this weekend was spoken about to the press or revealed in a book.”

Larcombe believes that if Harry and Meghan use what happened during the Platinum Jubilee in the content they create, it would end up making permanent the rift that they have with the rest of the Royal Family, whilst keeping it private could help rebuild some of the relationships with the monarchy that was broken in the first place.

“If anything from the weekend leaked, I imagine they will be totally cut off and that’ll be it. It’s very dangerous ground if they betray anyone now. But if they act appropriately and prove they can be trusted, it could be a huge step in the right direction and the start of a new beginning,” he said.

Harry himself has reportedly been disappointed by the lack of reconciliation efforts from the Royal Family, especially as he has been attempting to make amends with his brother Prince William for some of his actions during his split with the monarchy, the Daily Beast reported.

Instead, the two brothers “spent no private time together over the jubilee, and the broken relationship is not on the brink of being patched up any time soon,” with William himself feeling “deeply upset about it and feels let down, but he’s moved on.”

Prince Harry and Meghan are reportedly on thin ice with the British monarchy, and may be cut off fully from the Royal Family if any information regarding the Platinum Jubilee leaks into their projects. WPA Pool/Getty Images.

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