Just like normal families, the British royal family also has its own secrets. Their lives may seem like an open book to most, but in reality there are plenty of mysteries surrounding their family that remain unsolved until today. Here are some of them:

1. Queen Elizabeth I’s role in Amy Robsart’s death Amy was found dead inside the royal palace in 1560, her neck broken. Many believed that what happened to her was a case of murder, and Queen Elizabeth I was the perpetrator. At that time, Queen Elizabeth I’s affection for Amy’s husband, Robert Dudley, was an open secret.

2. Their links to Dracula — the members of the royal family are said to be related to Wallachian nobleman known as “The Impaler,” the inspiration behind the vampire legend “Dracula.”

3. The mysterious disappearance of King Edward V — shortly after he ascended the throne, his uncle, the Duke of Gloucester and “protector of the realm,” sent him and his younger brother to London “for their protection.” After the brothers were never seen again, the duke declared himself King Richard III.

4. Queen Victoria’s connection to “Jack the Ripper” — Queen Victoria’s grandson, Albert Victor Christian Edward, more fondly called “Eddy,” was allegedly mentally challenged and was involved in a homosexual brothel. His controversial lifestyle made people point to him as the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper.

5. The death of Prince Albert — Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, allegedly died of typhus in 1861. However, experts claimed that it could be colon cancer or ulcerative colitis. Queen Victoria did not allow an autopsy, so there was no way to confirm the cause of his death.

6. Queen Victoria’s secret second husband after the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria was rumored to have had a special relationship with his servant, John Brown. Their alleged secret affair lasted for two decades.

7. Windsor’s secret prince Prince John was the one secret that King George V and Queen Mary tried hard to keep. The poor boy was diagnosed with epilepsy at an early age, so his parents, thinking he was an embarrassment to the royal family, sent him away to an isolated place where people would not find out about him.

8. The cursed daughter of Queen Victoria — after a series of mysterious and unfortunate events happened to her and her family, Princess Alice was believed to be cursed.

Royal Family Britain's Prince Charles, Prince of Wales; Britain's Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, US actress and fiancee of Britain's Prince Harry, Meghan Markle; Britain's Queen Elizabeth II; Britain's Prince Harry; and Britain's Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, leave after attending the Royal Family's traditional Christmas Day church service. ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images