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Russian scientists from the Fedorov Institute of Applied Geophysics in Moscow predicted a significant increase in solar flare activity on Monday.

Observing three flares on the sun on Sunday, they have warned that class X flares, including proton flares, are possible, which could potentially disrupt short-wave communications.

X-class flares are the most powerful explosions in the solar system and have the capability to generate long-lasting radiation storms.

Proton flares, on the other hand, refer to a surge of solar energetic particles, predominantly composed of protons.

Solar flares occur when the magnetic fields within and around the sun undergo a process of reconnection.

These flares have the potential to impact Earth's magnetic field, which can result in damage to satellites and communications equipment, as explained by NASA, Reuters reported.

An example of the potential consequences of solar flares was observed in 2022 when a geomagnetic storm, triggered by a significant release of radiation from the sun, caused disruption that resulted in the malfunctioning of 40 newly launched SpaceX satellites.

The Fedorov Institute reported the observation of three solar flares on Sunday, one of which lasted for approximately 14 minutes.

This flare was accompanied by disruptions in radio communication, highlighting the influence of solar flares on communication systems.

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