The UK Ministry of Defense has claimed that Russian soldiers in Ukraine are hit by fragile morale and discipline issues as they go without bonus pay and adequate rations.

Talking about the situation in Ukraine, UK officials suggested that Russian troops are being hit by “fatigue and high casualties," reported i News. More than 75,000 Russians have been injured or killed in Ukraine, according to Western intelligence. Some reports said that this represents only half the total number of troops that Russia sent to fight in Ukraine. Russian troops continue to suffer from "morale and discipline issues in Ukraine," a MoD intelligence update on Sunday said.

It added that apart from combat fatigue and high casualties, one of the main grievances from deployed Russian soldiers probably continues to be "problems with their pay.” It added that in the Russian military, soldiers’ income consists of a "modest core salary." It is augmented by a "complex variety of bonuses and allowances."

According to the intelligence update, in Ukraine, there has highly likely been major problems with sizeable combat bonuses not being paid. It said that this is probably due to "inefficient military bureaucracy, the unusual legal status of the ‘special military operation." It is also said that there is at least "some outright corruption amongst commanders."

According to the update, the Russian military has consistently failed to provide basic entitlements to the soldiers deployed in Ukraine. It includes appropriate arm, uniform and rations, as well as pay, and this has almost certainly "contributed to the continued fragile morale of much of the force.” According to Fox News, the Russian side has taken heavy losses more than six months into their invasion in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the ministry tweeted Monday that despite its effects to contain recent Ukrainian offensive action, "Russia’s main effort in Ukraine almost certainly remain its Donbas offensive operation."

Last week, U.S. officials said that the Kremlin has been scouring jails looking for volunteers who were willing to sign up for the war. Morale of the soldiers could plummet further if the war stretches on into the winter months. Troops would be facing frosty conditions and average temperatures near freezing in November and December.

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