Salma Hayek has been trolled for her marriage to billionaire businessman Francois-Henri Pinault in the past. But the 58-year-old actress couldn’t care less about haters and their caustic thoughts.

“And, you know, when I married him, everybody said, ‘Oh, it's arranged marriage, she married him for the money.’ I'm like, ‘Yeah, whatever, bitch. Think what you want.’ Fifteen years together, and we are strong in love. And I don't even get offended, I'm like, ‘Yeah, whatever’,” said Hayek on Monday’s episode of the “Armchair Expert” podcast. The actress further revealed that her marriage to the CEO of Kering, and president of the holding firm Groupe Artemis, has made her a much better person.

The show, which was laced with tongue-in-cheek humor, saw co-host Dax Shepard addressed the rumors surrounding her current relationship. Hayek, who recently shared a heart-warming V-Day post last Sunday on Instagram, was all praises for her husband. “You know the thing is that in pictures you cannot begin to guess the magic in him. He's made me become a much better person, and grow in such a good, healthy way.”

While Hayek was well-aware of the speculations around her wealthy husband, she made it a point to put forth her stance, as reported by PEOPLE. “We're touching on a very interesting conversation. There is discrimination also against rich men. Immediately you think because somebody's rich, [they] might not be a good person, might be somebody materialistic, might be somebody that doesn't have values, might be somebody that is even stupid or that doesn't deserve it [or] that in order to have a lot of money, you did it the wrong way, there are all these preconceptions and I heard them, by the way.”

Adding how, despite how rosy things seemed, they had issues to deal with as well, Hayek said, “My guy, finished work, no matter how hard it was — and trust me he has a lot of responsibilities — big smile on his face, happy to be home, happy to see me and the kids, make us laugh.” She also indicated that successful men weren’t always strapped for time when it came to spending quality time with their families.

“We go on vacation, he completely shuts off, he's in the moment. It's not just an insult to me. I'm not the one being judged only. They cannot begin to imagine what a joy that human being is,” she added.

Salma Hayek recently opened up about her relationship with her husband François-Henri Pinault. Salma Hayek recently opened up about her relationship with her husband François-Henri Pinault. Instagram