Police have found 10 bodies at the residence of a former Salvadorian cop, who has been arrested for killing two women.

The former cop, Hugo Osorio Chavez Osorio, 51, was detained earlier this month for killing a woman and her daughter. Following his arrest, his house in the eastern town of Chalchuapa was searched. The police found seven pits with 10 bodies, some of them were believed to have been buried up to two years ago, reported ABC News.

He has been in trouble in the past as well. Osorio was earlier investigated for sex crimes. He is now facing charges in the murder of the 57-year-old woman and her 26-year-old daughter. He admitted to murdering them.

On the basis of information regarding the case, arrest warrants have been issued for nine other suspects who may have acted as accomplices in the murder of 13 people, including the killing of eight women. According to the prosecutors' office, the victims may include minor girls aged nine and seven along with a child as young as two years old.

In another case, the chief of police for the town of Log Lane Village in Morgan County has been held on charges of assault and domestic violence, reported The Denver Channel.

Fort Morgan police issued a statement saying that Joshua Katz, 33, was arrested without incident on Saturday evening by officers after an incident that took place in Log Lane Village earlier in the day. Katz is facing second-degree assault, third-degree assault, false imprisonment, harassment, and domestic violence charges.

Katz is the chief of police for the Log Lane Village Police Department. Currently, his status with the department is not known. He is being held without bond.

“The Log Lane Police Department would like to inform the citizens we serve, that we are aware of the ongoing investigation with Chief Katz and we are cooperating with the investigation and our partners at the Fort Morgan Police Department and Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. We are dedicated to serving those in our community and we are always here for you," read a statement by the Log Lane Police Department.

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office is assisting the Fort Morgan Police Department in handling the case.

A mother has been arrested for murder following the death of her two children. pixabay